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Bio :

Since high school, I have followed a school curriculum specialized in the artistic field because the practice of drawing was part of my daily life. It was at the School of Fine Arts in Le Mans that I experimented with other mediums and discovered a new vocation: photography.

I then focused on photography for a while before my first passion caught up with me and I finally chose to make drawing my main activity.


Since then, I regularly take part in various fairs and exhibitions, presenting drawings and photos, and producing illustrations for the press and publishing.


I am particularly interested in fantastic, fantasy and science fiction universes, also in sciences and the study of what surrounds us. The origin of legends, conspiracy theories and the paranormal fascinates me and is often the subject of my personal work.

Highly inspired by the frames of old engravings, my graphic style is composed of a structure that can be complex, but remains readable and understandable. It echoes what motivates all my work:

Observe and understand, explore and marvel.

I am open to commissions and illustration projects. Feel free to contact me here.